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My Story

Welcome to Little Hunter's Playbox formally known as Little Cloud Company. 

My name is Natelle I'm a mum to 2 boys ,Luca 16 & Hunter 3 years old (big gap I know keeps it interesting )  I created my business back in September 2018 when I gave up work to look after the boys as my husband works away.

I was so used to working full time that I decided I needed something for just me.  Then I thought why not create something from what I loved doing the most which was buying in nursery decor & baby gifts, low & behold Little Cloud Company was born.

Over the past year my business has adapted & changed slightly due to new passions & with my littlest growing I guess the business has grown with him.

We have some new product concepts coming soon & these have been focused around my littlest boys sensory & development challenges therefore I started to look into other play ideas.

I hope you love our products as much as we do. 

The reason behind the rebranding was due to my littlest and his unique way of learning through  play which resulted in my business taking another direction.

Natelle & Hunter xxx      

**COMING SOON** Fair Trade Bugs Life Rattles